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About Us

Meet the Founder


Hi. I’m Hellen Nelson, founder of Black Stars Cocoa.

A little about me, I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. I like natural products that are beneficial to my well-being hence the many reasons why I decided to start this company.

I have an MBA with concentration in finance. I am a big fan of personal finance, FIRE, Self-care, taking naps and traveling. I have lived on three continents so far and also did a solo backpacking in Europe a couple years ago. I am a plant mom, love doing DIY projects and experimenting making new things.


Black Stars Cocoa  

is a handmade product based company that creates skin and hair care products with 100% natural ingredients.  We take pride in providing and promoting the healthful benefits of Shea Butter and other oils that are beneficial to the growth and protection of our hair and skin. We are committed to the development of all-natural products without any harsh chemical elements. Our products helps treat  eczema, dry skin, uneven skin, acne, stretch marks and more. We also sell hair products that helps with the growth of hair, as well as repairing and protecting your hair.  


History of the business 

Being born and raised in Ghana, I used Shea butter and Black soap my whole life, and I love how it makes my skin look. I especially like how the combination of those two products makes my skin feel.

Moving to the State, we made sure to bring some Shea butter, Black soap and other products that we needed to help us settle in. After running out of those products, we decided to make a purchase online and to our surprise when we received the products, it wasn’t the real Shea butter that we were used to and loved. We started breaking out and our skin was getting dryer by the day, after further research, we found out that some people mix the Shea butter with cheaper oils so they can sell it as if it was just Shea butter. This was why we weren't getting the true benefit that Shea butter provides to the skin and hair. 

I decided to get all my Shea butter, Black soap and other products that I needed for a healthier skin and hair from the actual makers in Ghana. In college, some of my friends and colleagues tried the whipped Shea butter products I made for myself and requested that I make them some too because they loved how it felt on their body and how easily it melted onto the skin. I then decided to take this opportunity to share it with anyone that’s looking to try the Ghana Shea butter and Black soap. I always tell people that you don’t have to travel to Ghana to experience or try our products because I’m bringing Ghana to you.